What is the Museverse?

The Museverse was founded in April 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning as a blog, it is turning into a community for the messy, chaotic, and wild side of creativity. A space to explore ideas, creativity, and the repressed parts of life that aren’t “perfect” Life is complicated enough without hiding who you are. In the Museverse, you can be completely yourself.

About Lizzy

Since writing her first “book” at age four, Lizzy has been creating stories, novels, and video sketches combining comedy and dark humor into tales that speak to the magic of everyday life, the exploration of emotion through fantasy, and the gritty truth of realism. She began using the National Novel Writing Month method of writing as a fifteen-year-old and hasn’t looked back since.

Now, with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature, she shares her writing experiences on Twitter, creates humorous sketches on TikTok, shares about her life on Instagram, and blogs right here on the Museverse!

Blog Posts

  • It’s Not Important: Ignore Plot
    Plot doesn’t matter. No, really. It doesn’t. Write mindless stories. Character A gets out of bed and eats breakfast. The end. Boring. Now, the same event, but Character A has an existentialContinue reading “It’s Not Important: Ignore Plot”
  • The Trap of Being Who You Are Supposed to Be
    Nine times out of ten, Advice fuels doubtful motivations such as Money, Fame, & Success. Of course, we all know the only motivations that actually work are banana pudding, naps, and drinkable yogurt. All other motivations lead directly to DOOM.
  • The Unfortunate Domestication of Wild Writerdom
    Prior to domestication, writers command a distinct self with particularities and talents. Somewhere along this blissful path, their souls are squashed by the Inevitable Plague of the Life Crisis. The realization of what one should be dawns.

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