Welcome to the blog!

Since the world is marooned at home in the midst of a pandemic, it seems only right to add a splash of ridiculous to the internet before we die of boredom. This blog is about writing, imagination, creativity, the strange, peculiar, and decidedly silly.

My love of writing began at an early age. I wrote my first “book” at the age of four in the back of a home depot shopping cart. This work of art included a fox who stares into the sun for hours and hours on end “getting blind many days.” I knew I was destined for greatness at this moment.

Is fox okay? We’ll never know.

After this accomplishment, the muses took an uncharitable interest in me. More books followed. Tales of adventures, ghosts, unrequited love, and murder mysteries flowed onto the page. The muses consumed the murder mysteries voraciously and I wrote, and wrote, and wrote.

Until one day I didn’t.

This displeased the muses and, they left, after hissing in the shadows for a bit. Freed from their grasp, I began to dabble in fantasy. A few genius ideas found their way onto paper in a process I like to think of a verbal vomiting – an effective means of accessing the creative bits of the mind that hide in dusty shoeboxes. One morning, a less enthusiastic muse named Steve knocked on my window. We had a nice chat about the past, the present, and the could-bes and decided it was best to start a blog about writerly things.

Steve’s tail. Muses are very fast.

And so, the cosmic fates have dragged me here at last. After years of running away, hands in the air feeling the glorious freedom of the wind, I have at last accepted my fate. It has long been my destiny to be kidnapped by the muses and planted on the wild roaming fields of the writerly internet. These are my last sane words.

Stayed tuned for weekly posts and feel free to comment below with suggestions, musings, and most importantly complaints.



Published by Lizzy Burk

Since writing her first “book” at age four, Lizzy has been creating stories, novels, and video sketches combining comedy and dark humor into tales that speak to the magic of everyday life, the exploration of emotion through fantasy, and the gritty truth of realism. She began using the National Novel Writing Month method of writing as a fifteen-year-old and hasn’t looked back since. Now, with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature, she shares her writing experiences on Twitter, creates humorous sketches on TikTok, shares about her life on Instagram, and blogs TheMuseverse.com!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the blog!

  1. That’s where the creative part of my mind went… dusty shoeboxes! I reckon it’s time to throw them out☑️ Thank you for inspiring me Lizzy! This was just what I needed to hear.


  2. My complaint is that this was not published earlier! This is too good to keep from the world. Unless of course the world is not ready for such goodness. Then I see your point in waiting.


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