The Trap of Being Who You Are Supposed to Be

There comes a time in the life of all secret writers when Others give Advice.

Run away.

Such guidance inevitably leads to the Trap of Being Who You Are Supposed to Be – the worst of all fates.

Advice is not intrinsically bad. It could even provoke inspiration. However, nine times out of ten, it fuels doubtful motivations such as Money, Fame, & Success.

Of course, we all know the only motivations that actually work are banana pudding, naps, and drinkable yogurt. All other motivations lead directly to DOOM.

DOOM has a talent for disguise. It looks so cheerful, benevolent, simple.

  • Do X, Y, & Z and you will SUCCEED
  • Do A, B, & C and you will FAIL

Here’s a secret: X, Y, & Z are boring as shit; A, B, & C are the shit.

Life is a trap. This is a pessimistic, but fun, outlook. To look upon humanity, so full of hope and wonder, and know that everything is shit, always has been shit, and always will be full of shit. A comfortable reality really. If you don’t like it, pick a new one.

Everyone has their own realities. I get tired of mine infrequently, so I throw them into a trash fire and buy new ones.

What does this have to do with writing? What the hell is a secret writer?

I have no idea.

Published by Lizzy Burk

Lizzy has been writing stories since she was four years old. When not working on her fantasy novel, she plays ukulele and writes anything from satire to musings on the messy, chaotic, and wild side of writing.

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