Month in Review: Book Talk #1

I started this year with a Goodreads goal of twenty-five books. Why? Because I routinely fail at reaching the typical fifty I set for myself. I figure if I have a lower goal, I’ll definitely meet it, and might even surpass it. And what better way to look back on my reading then record what…

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Finding Happiness: Lessons from Gary Vee

I discovered Gary Vaynerchuk when I was eighteen. Not because I wanted to learn about business, but because I loved fountain pens. Loved them so much, I obsessed over The Goulet Pens Company, listening to their podcast, participating in their weekly Instagram giveaway contest, and watching their videos on YouTube. In one of these videos…

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The Top 5 Name Sites for Writers (and Expectant Parents Probably)

Choosing character names is frustrating. You watch your novel take its first steps full of joy and wonder. Then a nameless character shows up and spoils the fun. You use placeholders. Underscores. Generic names (John. Mary. Joanne, anyone?). But “M____ stabs B____ in the heart and watches his soul slowly drain from his body” doesn’t…

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It’s Not Important: Ignore Plot

Plot doesn’t matter. No, really. It doesn’t. Write mindless stories. Character A gets out of bed and eats breakfast. The end. Boring. Now, the same event, but Character A has an existential crisis after getting out of bed. The fluffy purple rug on the floor reminds them of their grandmother, who’s favorite color was purple.…

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The Trap of Being Who You Are Supposed to Be

Nine times out of ten, Advice fuels doubtful motivations such as Money, Fame, & Success. Of course, we all know the only motivations that actually work are banana pudding, naps, and drinkable yogurt. All other motivations lead directly to DOOM.

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The Unfortunate Domestication of Wild Writerdom

Prior to domestication, writers command a distinct self with particularities and talents. Somewhere along this blissful path, their souls are squashed by the Inevitable Plague of the Life Crisis. The realization of what one should be dawns.

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Muses and Where to Find Them

Muses. Champions of the arts. A misunderstood species thanks to Greek historians and Walt Disney. Muses are all around us. There is probably one in the closet under your stairs, the dusty tea kettle on your shelf, or the pocket of your favorite jacket. Long ago humans were so terrified of muses, they enlisted the…

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Dusty Epiphanies From My Living Room Floor

Lying on the floor wedged between the bend in the couch and the corner of the coffee table, the dry scent of 10,000 dust mites engulfed my senses. Eyes closed, writing close at hand, I was prepared to leap up and pretend to be a normal human the moment a stray roommate passed by. And…

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